When it comes to industrial automation, the way companies approach it has changed drastically over the years. While replacing outdated machinery was the standard in the past, now companies are searching for more affordable ways to increase their capacity. There are some companies that have machines that meet their basic requirements for quality and productivity, but they still want to utilize the technological advancements available that can improve overall throughput.

When a piece of machinery is working and still in good condition, buying a replacement is not always necessary. Just updating the automation controls can result in safer functions and higher performance.

Some of the reasons that it may be time to update automation controls can be found here.


Older equipment may not meet today’s stringent safety standards. This means it is essential that you update your machines to protect your worker’s from injuries or machine malfunction. With machines getting more and more reliable, they provide for more redundancy and help prevent single-point failures.


Modern technology is able to be retrofitted to work with an older machine. This will improve the accuracy of the machine and allow the software and hardware to work together to achieve a higher output.


As the years pass, a machine cycle time can decline. As a result, manufacturers have to optimize the systems to provide bigger gains. If you can’t precisely determine why machines are getting slower, then the controllers need to analyze the equipment and add advanced motion to the processes in place. There is also new technology, such as measurements and sensors that can be used to improve cycle time.

Keep in mind, the benefits offered by updating your automation controls are limited by the actual machines in place. However, making these changes will help you create products faster and more efficiently.